New Zealand – A Cinematic Encounter with Nature

I am not a seasoned traveller; of this I presently concede. My most leisurely moments are spent immersed in films and books, wherein I have traversed the full expanse of the lush countryside of England to the treacherous terrains of the American wilderness. My recent expedition to New Zealand, however, represents a cinematic encounter of a different kind. It has proven to be one of the most cathartic and liberating experiences of my life and has consumed me in a vice-like grip of Wanderlust which I have never before acquired.

New Zealand remains one of the most geographically blessed, and yet understated scenic destinations in the world. Against a backdrop of the snow-capped Southern Alps, its rustic plains, pristine lakes and undulating hillsides combine to create cinematic magic at every turn. Continue reading New Zealand – A Cinematic Encounter with Nature