Romance on the Road – Why It’s Easy & Why It Never Lasts

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When you think of travelling, do you think of romance? Not the heady heights of a booze-infused orgy, of course, but the kind that sweeps you off your feet with its inexplicable intensity. The kind that sends electric flutters up and down your spine. The kind of whirlwind romance that somehow lingers long after your respective tans have faded and leaves you breathless.

Well, I do.

I’m sure the vast percentage of us have had our brush with romance on the road (perhaps more than we care to admit, even to ourselves). Sometimes it is not important whether the event itself leaves us singing its praises, or goes down in the annals of history as another episode of Hangover. What takes precedence is the belief that it is better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. Continue reading Romance on the Road – Why It’s Easy & Why It Never Lasts

30 – Happy (and I Know It)

Perhaps it is the onset of spring (at least for us lucky souls in the Southern Hemisphere). Perhaps it is the halo effect of my (now distant) sojourn in Scandinavia, the Land of Everlasting Happiness. I’m staring down the barrel of my fourth decade on Earth, and yet instead of fear, or distress, or a sense of foreboding commonly attributed to a female leaving her roaring twenties behind, I am in a state that can only be described as brimming with expectancy. Continue reading 30 – Happy (and I Know It)