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Going Rogue & Chasing Shadows

I stalk a number of weird and wonderful bloggers out there, quite shamelessly I might add. Whilst their blogs provide endless hours of laugh-out-loud entertainment value, it does make me wallow in self-pity at my own clinical, sanitised and generally abysmal attempt at entertainment, and I wonder what the heck those kindly folks could possibly see in me.

So today I am going rogue, all in the pursuit of some dark, cool, funky ambience which might not be readily identifiable as my style. That is because – wait for it – I’m a closet karaoke singer… Luxuriating in delusions of grandeur, I spent my first twenty years prowling the night scene and prancing around in drunken dens. Recently I returned to where it all started, chasing nothing but the shadows of my dreams.

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The Great Australian Christmas – The Great Nature’s Retreat

Many of the blogs I follow are based in the northern hemisphere, where the air seemed to be abundant with festivities of the Christmas markets at this time of the year, not to mention all that snow. Whilst it is highly lamentable that we shall never have a white Christmas in our part of the world, the classic long summer days with endless possibilities for great outdoor retreats make me happy indeed to call Australia home.

I like my seas; but I’m drawn to my mountains. There have been studies done – personality studies of sorts – to determine who you are by the degree of your affinity with mountains or the seas. There are no prizes there for guessing where my heart belonged. And the verdict? Well, apparently mountains are an introvert’s best friend.

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Rays of Anticipation

We all have our “comfort” shots – those we cling to when all else seems to fail – whether they be landscapes, objects in motion, portraits or macros. For me, I have discovered an affinity with Lego photography (which you may have stumbled across elsewhere in my blog), and landscapes that feature one of the only constants in life. Under its rays I feel a heightened sense of emancipation and anticipation. And admittedly, a good dose of nostalgia, too…

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Seeing Red

If you ask me for my favourite colour, chances are I’ll throw a resounding “RED” in the mix (depending on which day of the week you ask, of course, with others jostling for the top spot being the arguably duller tones of black, navy, purple and teal). As the only colour in my preferred palette with any tonal warmth, RED is my colour of choice for a day of Adventure, Passion, Determination, Magic and… Moderate Excess.

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Chaotic Hues of Spring

It just so pans out that my first post using the WordPress Mobile App will be on the Photo Challenge of Chaos.

Fitting then, that I should be sandwiched between two burly Aussie men on the peak hour commuter train to work and feeling more than a little chaotic about the week that looms ahead…

But spring is firmly here (thank god for small mercies), and beauty is all around!

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