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The Lunar New Year Recycling Project

28 January 2017 marked the first day of the Lunar New Year. As many families heralded the Year of the Rooster with bountiful feasts, I tucked into a feast of a different kind (and granted a few of my poultry friends a well-deserved reprieve). With the new year came the decision to give a fresh lease of life to those lacklustre household items; and the great recycling project began…

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The Intersection

As a teenager, most of my “passions” have been fleeting. The occasional dabble in poetry, the odd love of stamina-based sports, the weird taste in adolescent boys. Enduring love, for anything for that matter, had proven elusive. Such erstwhile passions have mostly run in parallel to the tune of life, and have since moved on at the speed of light.

Many years on and I have “settled down” into a monotonous corporate life. The road to rediscovering long-lost passions was only a matter of time, and have led me to a brand which is synonymous with Joy for children (and AFOLs) the world over. And what an ability it has in transforming the mundane into the inspirational!

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