The Fairytale Country (2016)

Denmark 13
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen
Denmark 5
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Denmark 19
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Denmark 6
Copenhagen Canals
Denmark 7
Copenhagen Canals
Denmark 8
Copenhagen Canals
Denmark 9
Noma, Copenhagen
Denmark 10
Opera House, Copenhagen
Denmark 14
City of green spires, Copenhagen
Denmark 11
Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen
Denmark 15
Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen
Denmark 16
Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen
Denmark 17
Copenhagen cityscape
Denmark 12
Copenhagen Architecture
Denmark 1
Legoland, Billund
Denmark 4
Legoland, Billund
Denmark 3
Legoland, Billund
Denmark 2
Legoland, Billund
Denmark 18
Nvhavn in Lego, Copenhagen Lego Store

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