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The Lunar New Year Recycling Project

28 January 2017 marked the first day of the Lunar New Year. As many families heralded the Year of the Rooster with bountiful feasts, I tucked into a feast of a different kind (and granted a few of my poultry friends a well-deserved reprieve). With the new year came the decision to give a fresh lease of life to those lacklustre household items; and the great recycling project began…

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Mice that Roar – Holding Our Own in an Extrovert’s World

Have you ever read a book that spoke right to your heart, just when you needed to hear it most? Have you ever wanted to scream and shout in excitement that surely it must have been written to you?

For me, Quiet by Susan Cain is one such book.

In a world where the only constant is change, the self-help industry has thrived on our anxieties, fears and insecurities, backed by a plethora of books advocating change. With titles such as How to Win Friends and Influence People; Awaken the Giant Within or The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, it is no wonder that we are constantly questioning whether we are ever good enough. It is refreshing, then, to chance upon a book that teaches us to appreciate the value of just…being ourselves.

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A Place to Call (Second) Home

The Window, The Door & The Teacup

I have lost all track of time as I am sitting here, immersed in my thoughts, of nothing in particular and yet everything at once. I suppose that’s inevitable when you decide to take stock; you are quickly besieged by the unceremonious merger of thoughts from near and afar, the rapid coagulation of moments with years. A reflexive check of the time reveals it to be 11.25pm, 20 December 2016. And as I am about to press the “Publish” button to what will be my 30th post, I cannot help but feel the faint flutters of relief (of how far it has come) and hope (of how far it can go).

I am not sure about you, but I have often wondered about the Writer labouring behind the façade of their impeccably crafted blogs. Their stories never fail to intrigue me. Their lives a reflection of what I aim to achieve for myself one day. So, as for my year-end review (a loose term, of course), I will offer an insight into the Jolene behind SoMuchToTellYou.

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The Unlikely Horse Whisperer

Heeding my own advice from 6 Ways to Beat Post-Travel Blues, my husband and I finally embarked upon our long-awaited horse riding excursion at Megalong Valley Farm in the hinterlands of Sydney. Situated a stone’s throw away from one of my favourite hideaways in Sydney (i.e. the quintessential Blue Mountains), the charms of the mountains beckoned as soon as we alighted from Blackheath Railway Station (one stop north of Katoomba). Continue reading The Unlikely Horse Whisperer

30 – Happy (and I Know It)

Perhaps it is the onset of spring (at least for us lucky souls in the Southern Hemisphere). Perhaps it is the halo effect of my (now distant) sojourn in Scandinavia, the Land of Everlasting Happiness. I’m staring down the barrel of my fourth decade on Earth, and yet instead of fear, or distress, or a sense of foreboding commonly attributed to a female leaving her roaring twenties behind, I am in a state that can only be described as brimming with expectancy. Continue reading 30 – Happy (and I Know It)

6 Ways to Beat Post-Travel Blues 

An abridged version of this post appears in Thought Catalog, click here.

It has been all of three weeks since my escapade in Europe has come to a close. Since then, it has been an agonising three weeks of endless corporate drudgery, interspersed with wistful reminiscences and reveries. Whilst I have fallen back into a routine and everything has regained a semblance of normality, I know that deep down my outlook on life has been forever transformed and that I am no longer the same. Continue reading 6 Ways to Beat Post-Travel Blues 

One More Day with You?

Dear You,

If you could wave a magic wand and have three people re-enter your life – be it only for one day – whom would you choose, and what would you do?

I’m sure in moments of nostalgic aberration, we all fall victim to wishful thinking of this nature. Perhaps even I may make a cameo appearance on someone else’s wish-list. Perhaps I may be fortunate enough to appear in yours… Continue reading One More Day with You?