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8 Films to Unleash the Wanderer in You

Life has been a little stationary of late (read into that as you will). In between my bouts of itchy feet and jealous rage at everyone else’s happy snaps, I recharge my restless soul by pursuing my other (slightly more sedentary) passion: lapping up more of those happy snaps on the big screen.

For those of you that favour a lounge couch to the straightjacket-like devices otherwise known as an aircraft seat, being a vicarious vagabond is probably not half bad. That is, as long as you know what to watch and whom to follow. I have dug deep into recent memory to bring you my Top 8 travel flicks, especially curated to unleash the wanderer in you.

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Everest (2015) – A Vicarious Cinematic Thriller

“It hurts. It’s dangerous. It costs a small fortune and ruins relationships…[then] why?” As a vicarious thrill seeker, the “why” of adventure tourism (euphemism for death-defying stunts) has seldom bothered me. I am much intrigued by the “what” and the “how”. Until now. The conquest of Mt Everest, as portrayed by Baltasar Kormakur’s Everest, is rightfully “another beast altogether” and has left me spellbound in what can only be described as a thrilling cinematic stupor. With a poignant immediacy that takes one’s breath away, the film is both an enthralling and chilling depiction of the unrivalled grandeur (and ferocity) of Nature, and mankind’s existential urge to set forth and conquer. Continue reading Everest (2015) – A Vicarious Cinematic Thriller